Rainbow Trout Fishing – Just As Exciting As NASCAR

It’s true! There really are so many trout and not nearly sufficient time to fish them all. Simply ask any avid trout angler. Not solely are there “so many trout” in sheer numbers, but there are, as well as, so many species of trout. gear for the fishing

And if you happen to be an enthusiastic fisherman this offers you incredible pleasure, not to mention untold hours of fishing experience. Regardless of when you fish — and even where you fish — you stand a good chance of coming nose to nose with a trout. That is, if you can outsmart him!

Learning about the varied species can help you tremendously the next time you are in a stream or on that lake fishing. In any case, if you already know a little about their behavior then you definitely are learning about how they think. After which, maybe, you can outwit them.

Think about bringing not one but several number of trout home or to the campsite at the end of the fishing day. Your family will be thrilled. And should you be fishing or camping with other anglers, they will be…surely…yeah, jealous! (And yes, you would not have it another way!)

Since there are so many trout, just when do we start to talk about them? For no other reason other than I find this particular species beautiful and interesting, let’s begin with rainbow trout.

The Well-Traveled Trout: The Rainbow

If I were to draw a cartoon with a rainbow trout in it, the fish would have a suitcase in his hand. Why? Because, quite frankly, he’s just that “well travelled”. By this I imply he was first spotted in the rivers of the west coast of the United States. Today, the species just isn’t only found all throughout North America, but has also taken up residence in South America, Europe and even New Zealand and Australia.

And the explanation for this is simple enough to understand. These fish are easy to “transplant”. In actual fact, just about every place the rainbow trout is currently living is because he has been “transplanted” there — either deliberately or unintentionally.

Regardless of the explanations for their world traveler status, this fish is now the favorite of all trout types found on the earth today. As you may guess, simply as an aside, this fish is probably the most sought-after by anglers worldwide.

Let’s Discuss “Flying” Fish

But he is additionally well-known — or ought to I say notorious — for 2 extra reasons. In case you ever hook one when fly fishing, hold on to your fishing vest for the ride of your life. As soon as hooked, he is all about showing off his acrobatic prowess and his long distance running skills.

In case you do not believe me, just consider this stunning statistic about the rainbow. A reasonably sized rainbow can speed up from a “standstill” position to just about 23 miles per hour in one second. Wow!


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