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If you are going to build a backyard chicken coop, you should keep a few key steps in mind that will make sure you get maximum results from the building process without dishing out a pile of cash for them.

Since it can get quite expensive to build a backyard chicken coop if you’re not careful, investing in a building plan before hand is the best thing to do. This will give you clear guidelines to follow so that you don’t spend extra money during the building process itself to have success.

It can be quite amazing how much you can save in just building materials alone (upwards of $500) if you are following a guide that discusses how to choose the best building materials carefully. สร้างบ้าน

Here are the steps you must know to build a backyard chicken coop.

Determine Your House Size

The first thing you must do is make sure you determine the best size for your backyard chicken coop. If you’re planning on keeping a smaller number of chickens, you can definitely go with a smaller sized house, which will be the cheapest option due to the fact you will require the lowest amount of building supplies.

If you are planning to keep more birds however, then you will need to make sure you’re going with a medium or large size. Also remember that if you aren’t planning on keeping many chickens right now, but could see yourself expanding in the future, choose a bigger size as well.

It becomes much harder to build additions to the backyard chicken coop than to build bigger initially.

Make Sure To Landscape

The second step to build a backyard chicken coop is to make sure you’re landscaping. This will help add additional support to the coop and prevent it from breaking down and requiring repairs later on.

Landscaping is not all that difficult of a process as long as you are clear about what needs to be done.

Unfortunately many chicken farmers don’t take the time to read ahead about what landscaping involves, so don’t do it properly. If you aren’t going to follow a chicken house building guide for this, I would strongly suggest hiring someone to do it for you.

That can get pretty pricey though, so as long as you’re willing to put in a bit of timing, doing it yourself is likely your best bet.

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